When you decide to open your online business, you obviously need to have traffic to your site, if you have no customers, you make no sales. Of course, advertising is expensive, but there are ways you can attract traffic to your site for free. There are 3 popular website traffic avenues you can use, these include:

1. SEO. One of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site is the use of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. The idea behind SEO is using popular keywords that users search in top search engines such as Google and create content around those keywords. Let’s say in your research you find that the keyword "Rolls Royce Cars" are getting massive amounts of searches. Your online business sells car parts for various autos.

Perfect, you can create a blog off of your main page and create short articles around the keyword "Rolls Royce Cars" make the content rich and interesting and update it regularly. Make sure the keyword density is about 2 to 5 percent. Next, as Google and other search engines crawls the web, they find your site due to the keywords you have used and your page gets a higher ranking on the search engines.

2. Social Networking. Use social networking avenues such as Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook, you can set up a fan page and update the page daily, include information about your business and of course, the link.

3. Keyword Title: Use a title for your site or blog that is keyword rich. In other words, if you blog is on dogs, you will want to research monthly searches for "dog" and create a title according to the keyword. For instance, you could create, "Dog Training for All Dog Breeds" this is using the word "Dog" twice which is the highest ranked keyword in that category and "dog training" is the highest ranked keyword phrase.

In conclusion, you have several free tools available to you that you can use to drum up traffic to your site so that you can realize more sales.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 8:12 pm
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