Many internet marketers don’t really know how search engines operate, so many myths about this are often repeated. These myths can be hard to combat because once mistaken ideas are repeated often enough, they are widely believed in. Let us now expose a few of these myths so that you won’t fall victim to them in the future.

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When you decide to open your online business, you obviously need to have traffic to your site, if you have no customers, you make no sales. Of course, advertising is expensive, but there are ways you can attract traffic to your site for free. There are 3 popular website traffic avenues you can use, these include:

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There are SEO articles all over the web, most of which are just spambait to try to get you to buy this or that SEO service. I have searched high and low and never have found many articles or sites that will give webmasters real honest to goodness details on how to do things to optimize for Google, Yahoo, and now Bing. Before you give any money to any SEO companies these are the steps to try on your own and that you should keep in mind when building any site. Read the rest of this entry »

Editors Note: These steps don’t only work for Google, but for all search engines Yahoo, MSN and the like will all rank you higher based on some of these same strategies.

Getting your website to rank high on Google organic search result listings is like getting free advertising for your website. The organic listings cannot be bought and your website can only appear on it through proper optimization (SEO).  SEO is the bed rock for online marketing and all webmasters should optimize their websites right from the beginning. Read the rest of this entry »

One of the most problematic issues for most webmasters with Google concerns linking. How your links are ranked? How you should link out? How you should construct your internal links? How you should get more inbound links? How many links should you have on a page?


And the list of questions goes on and on…


Perhaps, the most annoying aspect for the struggling webmaster, has been Google’s secrecy in how it actually ranks links and pages. Even though many will tell you that they have the secret, in actuality Google’s whole PageRank and Ranking Algorithm is so complex that no one can fully boast they understand how the whole system works.

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 Do you have one?  Do you really understand what “Viral Marketing”really is?


So many Internet marketers like to throw around the term “Viral Marketing” to sound smart, savvy and cool. But the truth is, very few really “get it”. Just because you WANT something to be “VIRAL” doesn’t mean that it will be, or even if it will work! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s great to get repeat traffic – isn’t it? After all, regular visits mean you’re definitely doing something right, and your visitors’ appreciation should be shared by search engines too.

But if you’re trying to make money online – particularly if you’re running a blog – repeat traffic doesn’t necessarily make economic sense.

To start with, since regular visitors are constantly exposed to your advertising, its appeal will quickly start to diminish. And the more they visit, the less effective it’s likely to become.

What’s more, repeat visitors know exactly what they’re coming back for – your content. As they focus more intently on what you’ve got to say, the efficiency of any ads around them is likely to dip even further.

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Most web site owners are always seeking out ways to increase search engine traffic to their sites. With the advent of Web 2.0 techniques like social bookmarking, blogging, video share sites and the like, getting your web site out to the public is becoming easier than ever.

However, sometimes the tried and true ways work just as well as the new-fangled tactics. If nothing else, start your site off right with the basic search engine optimization before moving on to using Web 2.0 resources. While the use of meta tags and keyword density may seem old-fashioned, these methods are the perfect foundation to getting more search engine traffic to your web site. Read the rest of this entry »

If you’re a new webmaster, no doubt you know that it’s quite difficult to get traffic to come to your site. This is because building legitimate traffic takes both money and time. Why? If a webmaster is trying to get traffic through search engines, he or she will need to spend a lot of time on content creation and on link building. If traffic is coming through a pay per click program, a new webmaster might have to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get the best use of a high-performance keyword. However, another alternative is out there that can allow a new webmaster to get a lot of traffic without having to invest much time or money. What is it? Purchasing expired domain names. Read the rest of this entry »

Driving traffic online is the life of your business and you need it to stay in business. There are a lot of people out there promising to bring traffic to your website if you pay them. Its sad but the truth is that most of them are scams.

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